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WebLog of Bettye's Lung Cancer History from July 2002 to date

Testimonial From A Cancer Survivor's use of
The Head Start
® Nutritional HairCare System,
and how it helped save her hair ...

If I could receive good news after all the bad news I had to date, I welcomed the nurse saying I wouldn't lose my hair completely; but she added that it would thin out quite a bit. With that news, I had to make sure I didn't miss a day taking my Vitamins For Your Hair.

My hair did "shed" more than usual, of course, once I began chemotherapy. Sometimes it came out in large handfuls, but no one could tell I was losing hair. Keep in mind, my hair is fine and thin. All in all, I was pleased as long as no one could tell any difference.

I was beginning to take it for granted until we went on vacation for a week and living out of a suitcase I would forget my vitamins. Sure enough, while in the shower shampooing my hair, I came out with a big clump of hair - two clumps - and the tough part was strands would come out together - now I realized what the nurse meant when she said it would thin out noticeably.

I immediately started taking my Head Start Vitamins For Your Hair again and sure enough the heavy loss stopped. I did continue to lose some hair, but I can't tell the difference, nor can anyone else.
BFW Fort Lauderdale FL

Bettye progresses and lives her life marked by over five years of dealing with adenocarcinoma
lung cancer, chemotherapy and the risk of hairloss from the harsh lung-cancer maintenance drugs

November 2003
One year after VAT lung cancer surgery

November 2004
After six months of chemotherapy

November 2005
Just past her first year in remission

November 2006
Growing strong two years in remission

November 2007
Looking great three years in remission

Her lung cancer chemo treatments resulted in some chemotherapy hairloss but the Head Start ® hair vitamins helped as with others who took radiation and chemo treatments for their problem hair during chemotherapy and radiation for cancer: Click here for other peoples' TESTIMONALS

Read Below to check the backstory on Bettye's lung cancer diagnosis. The following postings are a WebLog of her experiences and meditations in dealing with her adenocarcinoma lung cancer. She's amazingly strong and her will is all-encompassing:

BLOG Updates on Bettye's condition from July 2002 thru the present time ...

From: Bob Date: June 12, 2007 Subject: SpringTime in Florida

To Family and Friends :

Bettye and I have had a pretty interesting several months, what with the doctors, clinics, meds and all. There have now been five clear scans (four CT one PET) following Bettye's cancer recurrence scare last summer. She has remained in remission since October and is doing much better on her medications,
Tarceva ® particularly, which has served her well for over two years now. She has successfully slowly reduced her daily dosage from 150mg to 50mg currently, and is feeling much better than before. As she has told me, she no longer feels body-slammed every morning, but still has some minor rashes and blisters as side-effects of the drug. All in all, though, with the excellent care she receives from the H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center she remains a success story following three years of treatment in her Clinical Trial. We're looking forward to continued remission under Dr Simon's excellent supervision, along with the assistance Drs Victor Toledano and Dr Leonard Seigel here in Fort Lauderdale. Her next scan at Moffitt will be in about six weeks and we're anticipating continuing remission...

It is a truly strange phenomenon, however, that some old friends have faded away rather than face her cancer, and others have become closer and genuinely compassionate over the past four and a half years. Some understand, some don't. Some can't deal with mortality on a personal basis, others can. She understands. As Bettye says, she herself had subconsciously shied away from people with lung cancer and throat cancer specifically, until she finally put her own situation behind her and can now deal with the highly personal specifics a little more easily. I can discuss treatment, prognosis and other aspects of living with lung cancer, but only because my involvement with Bettye's case is as a caregiver, not a patient, and while it's painful the discussions are not as devastating to me as they tend to be for her.

She willingly counsels and helps others with all kinds of cancers, and hopes to be able to give even more future encouragement to those with lung cancer. She spent a long hour on the beach last week visiting with a friend from Cape Cod, whose husband's kidney cancer just metastasized to his lungs. Her empathy and words of encouragement seem to comfort everyone she speaks with and let them know they're not alone. Her biggest hesitation upfront was that she would give end-stage patients false hope. Some might believe that if she did it, their loved ones could do it also, just by being positive. Bettye tells me: don't ever tell someone with cancer to "just think positive", it sounds good but it's not really what they want to hear - too simplistic and somehow dismissive.

Not everyone can travel to Moffitt; nor can their head be in the same place as is Bettye's. Then, also, there comes a time when it is a person's time to go. Bettye is working through all of these issues so she can be of better assistance to others with lung cancer. True, it is incurable, but she sees past that part (or skips past it...) and goes on, expecting to live a long life. However, some people cannot deal with such a devastating crisis - everyone's at a different place in their own life's journey and Bettye totally understands this as well, as she has been there.

Funny thing about it is that Bettye looks so healthy and vibrant that most people forget her lung cancer history, and we really do appreciate that. She sees herself as well and refuses to look back. Staff at the cancer center really light up when they see her coming as she simply radiates a glow and incredibly contagious optimism wherever she goes.

I do notice, though, that some people we go out with become irritated at her efforts to avoid cigarette smoke. We went to a restaurant with friends recently, and after Bettye asked for a table "as far as possible from the smoking section", the husband turned to his wife and commented (in a stage whisper) "...now we'll have to listen to her bitch about the cigarette smoke all night". We don't remind them of her stage-4 lung cancer, but others don't watch her cough her head off for days or weeks on end, as I have over the years, following even short-term exposure to secondhand cigarette smoke. She is highly allergic, and sensitive to the carcinogens in the smoke and it really brings her down. Thirty-five years ago her doctor told her she might end up needing a tracheotomy to breathe, as her air passages swell so badly when she is around cigarette smoke. We don't say anything when such insensitivity happens as we'd rather enjoy the evening without the strife or hard-feelings which often accompany any explanatory rebuke, no matter how gentle. Guess we can't educate everybody.

... Our entire lives are not taken up with medical matters, thank God. We do spend many enjoyable early AM hours on the beach at St Bart's Coffee Co near the International Swimming Hall of Fame, meeting and chatting with different people from all over the world and from many different cultures and backgrounds - all of which feeds our fascination with life and its infinite variety. If you can't travel much, our tactic is to let the interesting people come to you - and Fort Lauderdale's a great place for it.

Current project? New hurricane shutters for the condo as the season is upon us yet again. Tropical Storm (not-quite-Hurricane) Barry slid by June 2nd with a threatening sidelong glance at us, just enough to make us glad the shutters would be installed soon. Fires all over Florida (200+), particularly some a hundred miles west of us near Naples in the Everglades raged throughout May to the point Bettye couldn't leave the condo or office without a mask for one exceptionally bad week, and only for short runs to the car. Who knew a swamp could burn? We're really bummed for the gators and beautiful wildlife who're suffering and dying over someone's carelessly discarded cigarette or match.

We always love our trips to Moffitt across Alligator Alley when Bettye counts gators along the north-side canal. The hour-long Everglades portion of the trip normally allows for from about six to as many as three-dozen gator sightings on the almost hundred mile run. Always makes our day when they're out in force. As Bettye says: it's the simple things in life, seen through childlike eyes, which give true happiness. Reminds me of the story she told me about her first trip to Florida to visit brother Ev and his wife Marg for summer vacation from the Mills Home orphanage some 55 years ago. She had been told stories of the beautiful palm trees with their coconuts growing all over Florida, and when they first drove into the state there were no palms. She thought she had been cruelly misled until some hours into Florida the palm trees began to appear and her faith was restored as they were more beautiful than she had ever imagined. We still love sitting under the palms on the beach most mornings, and I know now why she loves them so...

All our best,
Bettye and Bob

From: Bob Date: October 31, 2006 Subject: The continuing adventures of Bettye and Bob

To Our Family and Friends:

Following nearly two years in remission and about a year and a half on
Tarceva ®, Bettye went on a medication vacation June 14th, where the doctors allowed her to go off her cancer maintenance drugs. As she put it, the drugs made her feel body-slammed every day without even the transitory pleasure of it having been the result of a few margaritas with dinner - Just the pain, none of the pleasure. She wanted to feel normal again, and for about six weeks she felt great. It was as if she had never had lung cancer and she seemed invigorated and infinitely happier. Unfortunately, her CT scan on August 15th showed what Dr Simon termed subtle changes in the pleura of her lungs where the cancer resides.

He put her back on the
Tarceva ®, although at a half-dose of first 50 then 75mg daily, and scheduled a PET scan for September 21st. The PET scan came back clear and a month later on October 26th her followup CT scan came back clear as well, with the subtle changes gone and her lungs returned to a state of remission. As Dr Simon advised us Thursday, she is back to where she was in June with no evidence of metabolic activity from her cancer. Seems as if the drug was having a major positive effect in keeping her cancer suppressed so she's decided to make peace and live with it. The lower dose of the drug seems to be causing fewer side-effects and her spirits are relatively high because of the new, improved status of her lungs.

Hard to remember she's had lung cancer for four years now and has been Stage 4 since January 2004. I'm always amazed at her strength and determination. She's back to water aerobics and gym workouts, balanced by her daily meditation and visualization sessions. A certain calm and serenity has replaced the panic from August's adverse changes and she's back on track with her health and well-being.


From: Bob Date: June 25, 2006 Subject: Bettye Takes A Medication Vacation...

To Our Family and Friends:

On June 14th, Bettye and I travelled to H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa for her scheduled quarterly CT Scan and bloodwork in followup of her treatment under the Clinical Trial being run by Dr George Simon. This is a trial called Molecular Analysis Directed Individualized Therapy (‘MADe IT’) For Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. She got great news (again) that the scan was clear and she remains in remission. After twenty-seven months in the clinical trial, and twenty-one months in remission, Bettye has been taken off her maintenance drugs and is enjoying what her care-givers cheerfully refer to as a Medication Vacation. Two months, maybe more, we'll see how it goes...

I had been hesitant regarding any changes in the status-quo, since she had remained in remission so long and seemed so outwardly healthy, but Bettye wanted a more natural lifestyle and a return to normalcy. Bettye was on the Tarceva daily for about fifteen months, and it seemed to be doing its job. While she has had good days and bad on Tarceva, on many days the unwanted side-effects of the drug were spoiling her quality of life and she was anxious to experience overall good health once again. After three months of talking it over, and with the concurrence of Doctor Simon, we decided to venture once again into uncharted territory by going drug-free as she had done briefly a couple of times in late 2004 and early 2005 (due to liver complications from Iressa). As to her finite life span, Bettye seeks quality over quantity, and her daily happiness is supremely important to her continuing good health.

Truth be known, now after almost two weeks off the meds, she's feeling great and beginning to enjoy life more. We're confident that her meditations and visualizations will help her to keep her immune system on track and that the bi-monthly monitoring by the incomparable Moffitt crew will ensure that the (stage IV) adenocarcinoma stays suppressed. If not, they're there to begin again with the meds, but Bettye and I remain confident that the drugs won't be needed any further. She chooses to see herself as well, and so do I.

After we got the good news at Moffitt, we headed north to Savannah GA once again to The River Street Inn, and then took a jog north to Fort Bragg NC to attend my Special Forces Association Convention for a few days. Following Fort Bragg, we went on to Lake Wylie SC/NC to visit with Bettye's family for a few days, then back to Savannah and our return to Fort Lauderdale after what had turned into about a ten-day jaunt, rather than our normal week. Each time she gets the good news from Moffitt about her test results, Bettye feels incredibly relieved and has to head home to her family. A good investment of our time and a soothing break for her jangled nerves after the quarterly run-up to the life-defining CT Scans. We're looking forward to many years of clear CT Scans and her continuing good health and happiness.

Best wishes to each of you,
Bettye and Bob

From: Bob Date: February 23, 2006 To: Family and Friends Subject: Update on Bettye's Progress

It's been awhile since last June's update and I'll try to remember as much as I can of what's transpired in Bettye's treatment and condition, but there's been a lot going on weatherwise here (Katrina and Wilma mostly) which has kept us offline and scrambling to catch up. The storms have caused a lot of stress in our lives, stress being one of the things I try to protect her from. She meditates to relieve the stress, but even that sometimes can't calm her sufficiently. She goes to work most days because it gives her a sense of value and continuity, and takes her mind off her health problems. I wouldn't be able to run the business without her managing the books and keeping the bills paid since Alison left last May after nineteen years of doing the shipping and receiving. I've picked up that function in addition to the sales and marketing and Bettye has taken up the slack to keep us in business. But then, the stress of working even part-time has its own deleterious effects on her immune system. It's a real balancing act to keep her busy and calm at the same time. Of course we wouldn't work at all were it not for the necessity of keeping the health insurance coverage the company provides.

I went into the pharmacy the other day to pick up Bettye's monthly Tarceva prescription and the pharmacist, jokester that she is, said "That'll be $3,000 ... unless, of course, you have your new insurance card with you." Fortunately I did, handed it to her with some trepidation, and she returned with "How's $20 sound?" Good, of course, but it reminded me of how tenuous is our hold on the events of our lives. Were we not paying $2,000 monthly for the health insurance we'd be in real trouble. Hate to think of the consequences were we to be left without the coverages of that all-important policy. And that's just one drug in a litany of doctors, clinics and drugs the BC/BS HMO covers for us in this very trying time of our lives. Wish I could say it was foresight which got us into that particular HMO and prescription plan but it was just dumb luck and good timing. And thanks to a very professional insurance salesman, Jeffrey Sodikoff, who steered us to the policy back in June of 2002.

Next month we'll be heading to the H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center for Bettye's next CT scan and blood workups as has become our regular habit every ninety days since late 2004. The trips to the hospital in Tampa are both terrifying and heartwarming - terrifying on the way there, and heartwarming after we have received good test reports. It's a real roller coaster ride and the path from test to test is uncertain and foreboding. It's why I try to take her back to NC after each visit so she can revel in her family and deal with their health problems and related controversies, rather than her own. It's also why we try to take a day in Savannah on the way up and back to allow her some quiet rest in beautiful surroundings. For the same reason that each Thursday night following her Wednesday treatments at Moffitt back in 2004, I took her to the Edison House at Fort Myers Beach to rest and watch the dolphins playing near the pier at sunrise Friday mornings.

We had a real treat in November when Genentech, the firm which manufactures Bettye's Tarceva flew us both to San Francisco (first class, no less) the Thursday before Thanksgiving for a four day three night stay at the Mark Hopkins on Nob Hill. They were very impressed by her success on their cancer maintenance drug and by the Living With Cancer speech Bettye made at Moffitt Cancer Center last June, and wanted to feature her in their corporate promotion for Tarceva within the medical community. It's great to hear from her doctors how well she's doing, but having the drug company react so favorably to her impressive health result is just so much icing on the cake.

They put us up in a beautiful room overlooking Huntington Park and the Union Pacific Club. We rode to the Top of The Mark each morning at 6:30AM (while still on Florida time) and were seated at a cozy table to the north of the hotel with staggering views of San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate and Oakland Bay Bridges with Alcatraz Island taking center stage at each day's sunrise. And what a buffet spread - not on the old diet, but we partook nonetheless: Bettye from the dim-sum and assorted fresh fruits; and I from the fried dead meat selection. Friday morning, Bettye and I walked the short couple of blocks through the park over to Grace Cathedral and took a long walk through that very beautiful church, after which we hiked down the hill to Union Square to visit Williams Sonoma and the local Borders Books and Music. They were somewhat different from the ones we live virtually next-door to, but then, what the heck ...

We rode back up to The Mark on the Powell Street cable car as far as California Street (about five blocks or so). The gripman was very kind and explained the mechanics of the cable car system to Bettye as we stood on the back deck, and as we debarked advised that we hadn't ridden far enough to be charged for the trip. Auntie Dawn brought Ami and Roopi over from Berkeley for dinner and a movie Friday night, and the kids actually had a good time at "Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit", considering their disappointment at the latest Harry Potter being sold out on that opening night. The Genentech photography session took just a couple of hours on Saturday and we crossed the bay to San Leandro for an early Thanksgiving Dinner with family at my Mom's house (limo ride courtesy of Genentech). Nice people ...

We had a great trip to the H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center December 21st and Bettye's CT scan and blood work came out clear yet again (as was the case in September as well), giving her fifteen months of remission following chemotherapy treatments in 2004 for her adenocarcinoma lung cancer. As has become our routine following the quarterly checkups at Moffitt, we headed north to Savannah for Wednesday night at the River Street Inn, then on to Lake Wylie straddling the South Carolina / North Carolina line for Christmas with Bettye's family. Monday night we went back to River Street for some quiet time, then back home to Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday to catch up on shipping orders and closing out the year's business.

Funny thing happened as we were leaving breakfast at Huey's that Tuesday AM. Two couples came into the restaurant, one of which was outfitted in Genentech jackets (his black and hers green) just like the ones Bettye and I had received on our photography jaunt the month before. We introduced ourselves and discovered his wife had been the beneficiary of lifesaving treatment of a stroke through use of Genentech's tPA, and that they had also made the San Francisco trip the week before ours. They were on vacation from Massachusetts and the circumstance of our paths crossing in the basement of our favorite hotel on the Savannah River was an amazing feeling. Nice people who had also received the benefit of good health from Genentech research.

We've given some serious thought to relocating to the west coast (of Florida) to be closer to Moffitt. We'd like to be within a thirty minute ride of the hospital and the south Tampa bay area around Riverview and Ruskin seems to be comfortable and convenient, although we're still looking north near New Port Richey and Tarpon Springs. Hate to leave Fort Lauderdale after twenty-three years, but reality intervenes.

chemo hair loss

Bettye's state of mind is fragile, though her heart and will are strong. We don't know how much time she has left and we live from day to day assuming the best and visualizing her as well, not ill. To see her today, no one would imagine that she has terminal cancer, and frankly we are glad for that as she doesn't seek pity or condolence. She just wants to live her life in happiness and contentment, and it's my job to see that she is comfortable and loved. Stress and controversy have a deleterious effect on her health and we both try our best to keep her calm and in comfortable, familiar surroundings.

Looking forward to yet another great year in Paradise...

Bettye and Bob On The Beach

From: Bob Wirt Date: June 15, 2005 Subject: Blog Update For Family and Friends

When Bettye was taken off of Iressa in January because of the adverse side-effects, she went without drug treatment for her lung cancer for several weeks. However, in order to keep the cancer in remission Dr Simon at Moffitt put her on a different drug, Tarceva. It apparently works in the same manner as Iressa, but with fewer side-effects and greater efficacy.

"Tarceva is designed to inhibit the tyrosine kinase activity of the HER1 signaling pathway inside the cell, which may block tumor cell growth."

One tablet a day is the regimen, and Bettye faithfully fulfills her obligation by taking it at exactly 6:30AM. The bad effect of the drug is that she develops skin rashes which can only be defeated with combinations of three different skin cremes used in precise sequences. Her liver enzymes are back to normal though, and that's one positive result the doctors were looking for.

The main problem with the rashes is that they're often triggered by physical exercise, which means that every time she gets back in the gym with any degree of seriousness, the outbreaks force her to stop. Slow and steady, that's the rule now - and when she takes it easy, her health is more stable.

No one who sees Bettye believes she is, or was, sick. She looks great and feels almost great. Like she says, she sees herself as well. Her positive mental attitude has a great deal to do with her body's ongoing ability to stay well by boosting her own immune system in concert with the drugs. Negativity can defeat even the most efficacious drug and her positive outlook seems to bolster the drug and its effects on her cancer.

We've been back to the H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center every sixty days since October 2004, and the scans continue to show no presence of disease. As Dr Simon told Bettye when she asked when her next PET Scan would be: "There's nothing there to scan." So long as the CT's show no metastasis we're home free. Bettye remains in the followup treatment phase of her clinical trial in that the chemotherapy was designed to knock the cancer down, which it did, and the Tarceva is designed to keep it down. So far so good.

It was when we learned the retail cost of the Tarceva is $88 per tablet that I realized I'd made a mistake back in 1976 by getting out of the pharmaceutical business. Just kidding. Greater than normal markups were just as common in the industry back then, with the explanation being that the profits drive the research. Genentech, manufacturer of Tarceva, seems to be very forthcoming in helping people get their products at discount if their prescription plan falls short. check: Genentech Patient Assistance Program We once again are truly thankful for our BC/BS of FL Health Options HMO plan which has seen us through our several health problems over the years. It's expensive but not as expensive as going bare would have been.

Bettye has been asked to speak next week at a seminar for new cancer patients and give her testimony regarding her own treatment and ongoing success in the clinical trial. She's very excited about going back to Moffitt and sharing her experience with others just beginning their own journey. She's glad also that her part is scheduled for just 5-10 minutes as she tends to get a little nervous speaking publicly before large groups. I told her I'd be right there for moral support - easy for me since I don't have to speak.

We got a real laugh out of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (remember, laughter is the best medicine) and Bettye and I both truly enjoyed What The Bleep Do We Know? for some interesting insights into quantum physics, relativity and the space-time continuum. Gotta keep the old brain cells stirred up to maintain their fine-tuned interconnectivity.

Bettye's next CT scan is scheduled for early September. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and good wishes. Know that we are grateful for each and every kind thought and prayer sent our way.

Bob Wirt

From: Bob Date: Fri Feb 11, 2005 Subject: Update On Bettye's Current Prognosis

To our friends and family:

Bettye is doing much better of late, and has even been able to get back into her beloved Zoo Health Club for ever-increasing workout sessions since having come off the chemotherapy and having finally gotten the OK from her doctors to start exercising again. A year out of the gym was almost worse than the chemo ... Not really, but she felt that way throughout most of November and December. Her lung cancer was complicated by the pleural effusion which had been leaching fluid into her chest cavity and collapsing her left lung to the point where breathing was her most difficult activity of each day. The pleurodesis they performed last spring glued her pleural membranes statically to her lungs and was problematic in that it could have torn loose and started the fluid buildups again. Fortunately she was cautious in her movements and did nothing to disturb the status quo throughout her therapy. The doctors describe her life expectancy as finite, but then we guess that applies to everyone in the long run.

Her PET scan in October showed her to be free of metastatic disease processes, which I suppose is a fancy way of saying the cancerous tissues were gone. This result was more than surprising to us, not to mention to her various doctors. We went back to the H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center on December 29th for a followup CT scan which showed her to be totally free of the disease. Dr Simon at Moffitt, who is head of thoracic oncology at the Cancer Center, indicated that his protocol would have predicted no more than 1-2% of his study subjects could have achieved the result Bettye did. He kept saying things like amazing and incredible, which we took to mean she had done much better than expected on the chemo regimen.

As I mentioned in October, she was put on Iressa tablets daily to keep the disease suppressed, but unfortunately Iressa took a bad rap in recent drug trials and is apparently going to be taken off the market. Bettye also was experiencing some increases in liver enzymes, which is an indication that the drug was causing liver damage so she has been off medications for some weeks now and is taking blood tests every couple of weeks to track her situation. As the doctor said, we're flying blind at this point. We are scheduled back at Moffitt on March 31st and are cautiously optimistic about her receiving yet another good scan result. We seem to relax after the scans, but then the tension begins to build again the closer we get to the next one. It's a real roller coaster ride - but without the fun part.

I'm not certain what caused Bettye to go into remission, to quote Dr Simon again, but the medical professionals are confident it was the drug treatments and chemo. Bettye feels as strongly, and I tend to concur, that it was her own state of mind which allowed her to survive this long. Her meditations, healing-touch sessions and positive mental attitude seem to have had as much to do with her immune system working so well for her as did anything else she underwent last year in the way of medical therapies. It's probably a combination of superior medical treatment along with an excellent state of mind/body awareness which has brought her to this stage of the game.

Bettye tells the story of an acquaintance who approached her a few months back who also suffers from cancer, and was interested to know how Bettye managed to be faring so well given her incurable/inoperable diagnosis. Bettye explained to the woman that she chose to see herself as well, rather than sick, and that her mental attitude helped in her healing. The woman looked her right in the eye and in all seriousness said: "I can't do that - I'm sick - I have cancer". The old self-fulfilling prophecy at work. We wish her well and pray for her own recovery. As for Bettye, she still chooses to see herself as well and remains so, likely as a direct result of her belief.

Thanks to each of you for your prayers and good wishes. We'll let you know the outcome of Bettye's upcoming tests. We have every confidence she will continue on her path to health and well being, God willing.

Love to all, Bettye and Bob

From: Bettye and Bob Date: Fri Nov 26, 2004 20:38:52 To: Deanna


Bob and I were happy to hear from you and so pleased you're so close by for your kids ... and in AZ We miss the mountains of North Carolina and were just thinking (while sitting on the beach) about being there last year with the snow. Sure enough the news from home is that it's snowing in the mountains on thanksgiving day this year ... beautiful.

We have had a tough year. My lung cancer returned in February so we were going every week to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. I stopped the chemo and went on Iressa which is a tablet taken once a day. I'm doing better than any of the doctors expected. I am doing a lot of mind/body work which helps me in more ways than one. I expect to continue to do well.

The beach at St Bart's is still pretty much the same. We see Amy almost every day and saw Janet last weekend. We don't see Janet very often, so it's good to see her. A lot of people are moving to Delray Beach. Fort Lauderdale is in a development madness and high rises going up everywhere and speaking of real estate - prices have gone off the map here with the price of new condos starting at $500-easily $1 million. Along A1A all the mom-and-pops are going and turning into monsters that have to be filled ... it's out of control growth with no end in sight. We're thinking of moving to a smaller town perhaps on the west coast of FL.

I'm happy to be alive this Christmas and also for football season. We even got to watch football yesterday during the thanksgiving dinner ... after the comedy of errors all day I saw the full moon last night and decided that was it. It was so funny, I slipped twice in the bathroom hurting my foot; then Bob was moving the rack in the oven at our friends house and her glass cookware full of sweet potatoes crashed to the floor; then I turned a full bottle of olive oil over onto a pretty tray ... thank goodness it didn't break and no olive oil spilled. We were laughing about it at the beach this morning trying to stay warm. We walked out expecting 80 degrees and it was 57... so it felt like Thanksgiving.

It's good to hear from you. Have a wonderful Christmas and think about all your friends in Florida. Bob sends his love.
I hope (I'm sure she is) Celeste is happier in AZ ... such a sweet sweet dog.

Love, Bettye and Bob

From: Bettye Date: Thu Nov 25, 2004 12:11:15 To: Sharon4ht

Hi Sharon

This is a rare thing for me ... sitting at this computer actually writing. You were on my mind today and I want to wish for you a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you will be with friends or walking in the mountain I'm looking at on my screen that you sent. I have to cook today and now I'm sitting here thinking if only we had said no to the invitation and gone out to eat. Now that would be easy. I understand it is snowing in the mountains of North Carolina that would be so cool; it is a long drive for a little snow. We went to the beach first thing this AM with the rain and cool weather. We always love cloudy weather but feel sad for the tourists who travel for miles for the sun.

I talked "your ear off" the other day and forgot to tell you that I had gone back to the Healing Arts at Imperial Point.
It doesn't seem the same without you. I even walked down to Dottie Mancinis' office. Of course she wasn't in but this lady named Lorna came out (she looked a little stiff to me) and I told her I wanted to make sure Healing Arts would remain @ Imperial Point to which she replied "Healing Arts isn't going anywhere" So for what it's worth they try to give the impression that all is well ... I hope. I went for a session with Sharron for reflexology and lymph drainage. I was pleased with the results. I want to go next to the hypnotist to conquer my fear of cooking. I cooked for 25 people three times a day all those years in the orphanage and although I didn't mind at the time, I seem to be frozen when it comes time to put the kettle on the burner now. So I'm looking forward to that. Sharon Gruber has been of great help to me and I will continue to go to her as well ... the noise around her office keeps me from total relaxation that I experienced during my sessions with you; but the session she did involving the vibration of the cells (vibration sounds from bowls) is of great interest to me and I'm looking to explore it further. Sharon is spiritual as well so it is a pleasure for me to know people who don't think I'm weird and I love knowing people who know so much more than I so I will continue to learn and become an even deeper thinker.

It has been a privilege for me to know you. Every time you talk to me I thank God that you came into my life. I don't think I told you this: when you left the Fort Lauderdale area I tried to remember the words of my most wonderful psychologist (haven't found a psychologist ... since him ... he taught me I was a person). He said his goal for me was to see me stand strong without his therapy (instead of depending on him for years) and I did grow strong enough to go forward in life. It still doesn't keep me from missing the joy of talking ... life, why we're here , where we're going, how to get there ... with you. Not to mention the body. I realize now more than ever that many people don't even think about the thing (their body) that they "drag" around and if it gets sick drag it to a doctor to fix. I love doctors but I want to know more (about my mind/body connection) than 99% of them know ... It started with your sessions, then the movie "What the Bleep..." then the book "Molecules In Emotion" by Candance Pert. It's so strange how things happen so quickly now ... Bob's daughter had told me to read the book 2-3 yrs ago and I had forgotten about it until it was referenced in another book I was reading so I thought it's time to buy it ... then there was Candance Pert in the movie "What the Bleep..." it's as if the Universe is saying "now that I have your attention ... do this, read that. Likewise the wonderful book you gave me "I Will Not Die an Unlived Life" put my mind in gear like never before. I could go on and talk your computer to death, but I'll
close by saying: this Thanksgiving I am thankful, yes, for Dr Simon and Dr Toledano and Dr Seigel, but most of all I am grateful for a caring, wonderful, healing, advanced soul named Sharon Stahelek. When I think of you I think of my favorite -of-all-time-line from the movie Gladiator: "What we do in this lifetime echoes throughout eternity". What you did for my soul's advancement will bless you more than you can ever know.

Bless your heart, Bettye

From: Bob Date: Thu Oct 21, 2004 To: Kris Subject: RE: Kevan


We were very sad to hear the news about Kevan('s leukemia), but you all seem to be managing the situation properly. We will pray for him and for all of you also, since we well know the toll his health problem will take on his caregivers. It's a terrible thing to happen at such a young age, but then from what you say the form is treatable and the prognosis not as bad as it could have been. Kids seem to be remarkably resilient. We'll hope for the best.

Bettye is doing much better since her chemotherapy ended six weeks ago. We spent over six months driving from Fort Lauderdale to H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa every Wednesday and returning on Fridays (570 miles roundtrip) for her Thursday treatments. Her adenocarcinoma is incurable and inoperable, but the clinical trial she was on seems to have successfully stabilized the lung cancer. It won't disappear, but hopefully will not advance either. They put her on Iressa tablets which she now takes daily to keep the cancer suppressed and we go back to Moffitt for PET Scans and CTs w/contrast every 60-90 days for monitoring. Although the cancer is still active, there is no tumor - just sloughing of cancer cells from her pleura into the left thoracic cavity.

We co-pay ... for the Iressa ... Our HMO pays the rest and, knock wood, has not failed to pay one bill so far. Guess you do get what you pay for after all. Without the BC/BS of FL this would have broken us for sure. However, we are definitely trapped here in paradise since the policy only covers treatment within Florida and is non-transferrable. We had planned on moving to NC so she could be near her brothers and sisters, but of course that's impossible as she is now officially uninsurable. Also, we can't even retire since the insurance is a corporate policy with coverage including Alison who had non-Hodgkins Lymphoma about five years back and still relies on the followup care she receives to be certain her cancer doesn't return.

Bettye worries that she has a $1/million lifetime cap on her coverage and that the bills seem to be eating up what at one time seemed like a pretty big limit. I try to steer her thoughts to other things less stressful and more relaxing. She takes great comfort in her weekly Healing Touch sessions and daily meditation. Also, she's able to exercise a little, but there's a big difference between the 2-3 hours every other day from before and the 10-15 minutes she can manage now. She does have the faith though, and that's what counts.

Got to say I don't remember knowing so many people who had cancer twenty or thirty years ago. Seems like it's everywhere these days. The etiology of so many forms of cancer seems to be environmental or associated with our food supply. What was it Dupont used to say - "Better Living Through Chemistry"? But then, thank God packaged foods can sit on the supermarket shelf for several years and still be edible. Comforting to know we're killing ourselves for the sake of the bottom-lines of so many multinationals.

Allaha Ismaladik, Love, Bettye and Bob

From: Bettye Date: Sat Jun 26, 2004 To: Claudia & Sid Subject: RE: We pray for the both of you!

Dear Sid & Claudia

The good news is that I am still on earth. I should have responded to your heartfelt and gracious e-mail long before now because your concern did touch me deeply. As you can imagine after not being able to find one doctor who could give me any % of hope, I was on a mission against time to find someone to at least extend my time here on earth. I have settled on a doctor at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. Bob and I do have to travel every week to Tampa but thus far it has definitely been worth it. As you can imagine my story is now longer and my journey in this life has taken me on a completely difference path than I had imagined. I have already learned extremely valuable lessons and will continue to learn as the journey unfolds. From the medical standpoint, chemo had been the only alternative offered ... this is the choice I have made along with other personal discoveries I will continue to pursue. I feel I am on more stable ground than when I started. I had medical problems that had to be resolved even before I could start the chemo so you can hopefully forgive me for not responding sooner. Your kind letter had sustained me along with prayers for which I am eternally grateful. My first CT Scan was done this past Thurs in Tampa and it looks very promising so I will continue this journey on a positive note. Again thank you for thinking of me and I will be grateful for your continued prayers and concerns. Please feel free to call or e-mail any time. We are normally OFT each week Wed PM thru Fri PM.

Love, Bettye

From: Sid & Claudia Date: Fri Apr 2, 2004 Subject: We pray for the both of you!

Dear Bob and Bettye,
we just heard from our Saint Sebastian Prayer Circle that Bettye is again ill. We are very sad to hear that and we want to assure you that from now on we have Bettye and you Bob in our daily prayers. We have placed a request for prayers into our Catholic Network at http://heavenlynetwork.com and we ask our Blessed Mother Mary, all the angels and saints, especially Padre Pio to intercede on behalf of our dear Bettye.

Especially we ask for a healing and if there is anything which until now was not asked for we ask it from the bottom of our hearts: "Please Father in Heaven, please be merciful to our Bettye.

We also include you, Bob in this difficult time and we ask especially for strength and love. We want you to feel that you are not alone.

Please, if there is anything else we can do for you besides our heart filled prayers let us know! We don't know where you and Bettye are but we want to let you know that we love you and that we are with you.

All our love and God bless you both
Your friends, Sid & Claudia

From: Bob Date: Sat Jun 26, 2004 To: Sue & John Subject: Bettye

I happened to run into your (ex) neighbor Carolyn in the lobby today and it reminded me we hadn't heard from you guys in awhile. Thought I'd drop you this note to update you on our situation.

Bettye had been having trouble breathing during December and January, and found she tired easily and had to stop exercising. As you can imagine, going from a two to three hour workout regimen four days a week to almost nothing was a great concern to her. She had her semi-annual cancer checkup last October and was clear, as had been the case for the prior fifteen months, but there was a small cyst on her liver which the doctor ordered to be reexamined in January. When the liver scan came back it showed the cyst to be of no consequence, but also revealed a pleural effusion in her left chest cavity where her upper lobe had been removed in September of 2002.

Long story short: testing showed the cancer to have returned and after a couple months of further tests and interviews at various cancer facilities, and following strong recommendation from Dr Dennis of the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland, she settled on the H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa for treatment in a clinical trial being run there by Dr George Simon. They stopped the fluid buildups in her lung and began chemotherapy with targeted drugs based on microscopic evaluation of her cancer's cellular structure. This was not an easy task, as she has no tumor, just tiny nodules on her pleura which were shedding adenocarcinoma cells into the effusion. The cancer was contained, but nevertheless malignant.

She's been in chemotherapy for about eight weeks now. We drive to Tampa each Wednesday afternoon; she receives testing and therapy each Thursday; and we stop over in Fort Myers Beach Thursday evenings, returning home just after lunch each Friday. The process has been draining but also rewarding as she had her first followup evaluation via CT scan two days ago and they found her nodules to be shrinking and the cancer to be in retreat. She reports back to Moffitt on Thursday to begin a new six-week round of chemo with high hopes that the results will continue to improve.

Anyway, our whole situation has been changed by this new development as we find our planned re-location to North Carolina is impossible since Blue Cross won't cover her outside Florida, and of course if we try to change carriers she's subject to the pre-existing condition bugaboo which means no coverage anywhere but here. We've considered relocating within Florida but the project seems somehow unmanageable with our primary consideration now having to be her treatment and well-being. Attempting to move both ourselves and the business at this point would be just too much for either of us to manage.

Hope this message didn't turn out to be too depressing as I didn't intend it to be, but I thought you'd want to know

Best regards, Bob

From: Bob Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 To: Family & Friends Subject: Bettye's Recuperation and Prognosis

To our friends and family:

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers for Bettye over what have been a very difficult couple of months. Her recuperation here at home began on September 11th and continues with her regaining more of her health and strength with each passing day. She is still in significant pain, but the debilitating effects of her successful lung cancer surgery seem to lessen daily. As a confirmed non-smoker, she was of course devastated by the diagnosis but determined to defeat her cancer, which she seems to have accomplished handily. She's been doing breathing exercises every hour or so for the past month in an attempt to get the remaining lobe of her left lung to expand and fully replace the top lobe, which was removed during the surgery.

She has been able to get out for limited excursions most mornings for the past week or two to our favorite spot on the beach for coffee and muffins, and is looking forward to getting back to The Zoo Health Club for a resumption (albeit slow) of her regular daily workout routines. An hour or two of activity outside the condo is about all she can manage at this point without tiring and being forced to rest up before undertaking anything further. We have been to a couple of movies and out to a few restaurants, but must necessarily avoid crowds, so early-birds and matinees have been the limit so far. Our main concern is keeping her away from any kind of coughs, colds or respiratory bugs until her lungs have healed completely; a bronchial or pulmonary infection is the last thing she needs at this point.

Bettye has asked me to thank each of you for your kind messages, cards, calls, flowers and visits. We know that everyone's prayers and good wishes went a long way toward ensuring her good health and a successful recovery. The news from her surgeon that radiation and chemotherapy would not be needed was a wonderful thing to hear. He will, of course, be sending her to an oncologist for followup and further evaluation and we have confidence the news at that time will be just as good as the post-surgical pathology indicated.

For those who did not receive my first message of September 7th on this matter, I have attached a copy below. We are confident that her preemptive strike with the diagnostic CT Scans we had at FAU back on July 10th have, just as her doctor said: "saved her own life", and that she will achieve a full and complete recovery over the course of the next few months.

Again, we urge anyone who has the slightest doubt about their own good health or the thoroughness of their most recent annual physical exam, to seek out and secure a diagnostic CT Scan of their own. Bettye's perseverance in this regard certainly saved her life, and it can do the same for others - we advise you to go for it. We're more than glad that we did.

Sincerely, Bob

From: Bob Date: Sat, 07 Sep 2002 To: Friends & Family Subject: Bettye's Surgery and Result

To our friends and family:

If you are aware of what has been going on with Bettye over the past couple of months, please bear with me while I explain the full situation to those who are not.

Bettye had been having some trouble over the past year or so with a persistent cough and unexplained itching in her chest, along with a certain uneasiness about the state of her health. She had never been treated for any of these admittedly generalized symptoms other than with Claritin for suspected allergies or anti-histamines for her respiratory complaints. Even though she works out regularly at The Zoo Gym (two hours a day, four days a week, with other workouts at the condo on her off days) she has felt the need for a complete medical checkup. She booked us both into the FAU (Florida Atlantic University) MRI diagnostics lab on July 10th for full-body CT scans.

The doctor at FAU pointed out a couple of problems for us both, but the one he was most concerned with was a "hyper-metabolic" tumor in her upper left lung. He provided us each with a three page written report and CD/Roms of the scan results, then called in followup the next day to be certain she had contacted her primary care physician. Bettye advised that she had called but had not yet heard back, at which point Dr Stone said if she didn't hear back from him that afternoon that he would call personally the next day. Bettye took it seriously but the doctor from FAU was adamant about the urgency for followup, which she pursued relentlessly, and which her primary care physician acted on immediately and with appropriate concern. He referred her to all the necessary specialists and followed closely to ensure things moved along quickly.

We were able to get all the tests run over the course of the next couple of weeks (PET scan, CAT scan, brain scan, bone scan, blood work, respiratory function, ad nauseum) but then the oncology surgeon seemed to be dragging his feet about scheduling the surgery. We went for a final consultation with him on Thursday, August 29th, which began and ended with acrimony in that he was unwilling to address her questions or concerns and seemed to take the overall position that he knew what was best and the procedure didn't require an explanation to us. Anyone who knows Bettye knows that at this point she moved on to Plan B.

We finally enlisted a new surgeon that same afternoon. Bettye, of course, had all of her reports and copies of the various films and CD/Roms from the diagnostic workups; delivered them to his office on that Friday; and set an initial consultation for Tuesday, September 3rd. He was not only very forthcoming with his diagnosis but also welcomed each of our questions regarding the procedure and his prognosis for her future. He was one of the few physicians we had spoken with over the course of this situation who told her "Good for you" when advised that she had taken the initiative to secure the CT Scans no one else was willing to order up.

The surgeon, Stuart L Boe MD at North Ridge Medical Center, is the same surgeon Bettye's brother Everett had for his bypass surgery about a dozen years ago and Bettye had a feeling of complete confidence in him. His manner on Tuesday convinced her to switch surgeons and hospitals on the spot and Dr Boe indicated he had already made a tentative scheduling for her surgery two days later (the 5th) provided she was ready to proceed. Needless to say, she and I were ecstatic at the prospect of finally getting her to surgery for what we knew to be a serious, life-threatening problem. Skipping out of the office that day may have seemed inappropriate to an outsider but it certainly expressed our relief at finally getting off the dime with the surgical schedule.

The initial procedure was done at noon on Thursday, beginning with a technique known as VAT (video assisted thoracotomy) and the tumor and several nearby lymph nodes were excised and sent for immediate biopsy. The tumor proved to be every bit the hyper-metabolic, intense cancer the tests had anticipated, although still in what is apparently known as stage one. The good news was that the lymph nodes were clear of any involvement. Dr Boe then proceeded to enlarge the small 6cm incision he had used to access the tumor with the laparascope to about 9cm (approximately 3.5") through which opening he removed the upper left lobe of her lung.

She has spent the past two days in ICU at North Ridge, and Dr Boe brought her more good news yesterday that the tissue pathology had come back negative for cancer cells anywhere but within the tumor itself. His opinion is that everything came out with the tumor and upper lobe, and that no chemotherapy or radiation would be required at this time. He explained that he was able to get the lobe out through such a small incision mostly because Bettye was in such excellent physical condition and was so flexible that he didn't even have to break a rib to accomplish the removal.

We expect her to have a full recovery and Dr Boe indicated his prognosis was that her chances for a recurrence of the cancer were minimal at best, but that she would of course be monitored regularly. The most encouraging thing he offered us was when he came into the recovery room Thursday night and told Bettye: "Congratulations, you saved your own life."

Her insistence on having the CT scans done had indeed saved her life as waiting for more serious manifestations to arise and trigger a medical response could have allowed the tumor to grow over a rather short period of time and become metastatic and inoperable.

It is for this reason that we have encouraged anyone else, particularly those of you in our age group, to seek out and secure a preventative full-body diagnostic CT Scan as a way of catching what may be life threatening problems before they advance too far. My own scan revealed the kidney stones I knew I had, but also showed one of the stones to be blocking the ureter (drain) from my left kidney and threatening the loss of that kidney if left untreated. My own urologist was unaware of the blockage, but my new one solved the problem forthwith using what seemed like an ultrasound jackhammer. When your doctor's hands are tied by the intransigence of your insurance provider, you have no choice but to take the initiative on your own. It is, after all, your health being dealt with.

In any event, these CT Scans were, for us, the best couple of thousand dollars we have ever spent - even if Blue Cross does refuse to pay for them. The best result, of course, is having the scan; finding nothing wrong; and securing peace-of-mind in the knowledge that you really are in good health.

We thank you all for your good wishes and prayers.

We're confident they went a long way toward ensuring success in Bettye's battle with cancer.

With best regards, Bob
Scans show lung cancer early

Regular CT scans are an effective screening tool for lung cancer that can save lives by getting treatment started early, a study says.

November 30, 2004 BY MELANIE COFFEE Associated Press © 2004

CHICAGO - Using computerized scans to screen for lung cancer can help save lives and should be part of a regular checkup for people who have a high risk for the disease, a new study says. Ninety-six percent of the patients in the study who were diagnosed with lung cancer through CT scans and had the cancer removed found that the disease did not return, said the study's lead investigator, Claudia Henschke, a radiology professor and head of chest imaging at New York-Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center.

The earlier that lung cancer is found, the better the patients' chances of survival. Henschke presented the findings Monday in Chicago. Lung cancer causes most cancer deaths, killing more people than breast, prostate and colon cancers combined, according to the American Cancer Society. The disease often is diagnosed at advanced stages, when it is incurable, and has an average five-year survival rate of only 15 percent.

CT, or computed tomography, scans allow doctors to find cancer in earlier stages. The technology involves scanners that view the lungs and surrounding tissue at different angles and can spot growths that are as small as a grain of rice. The tests cost hundreds of dollars, are usually not covered by insurance and can lead to more diagnostic procedures.

The study, called the International Early Lung Cancer Action project, reviewed about 27,000 cases of people who were at a high risk for lung cancer. More than 400 were diagnosed with cancer, mostly in the early stages. The project began in 1993 and followed patients for an average of four years, Henschke said.

Some doctors worry that CT scans find growths that are not problematic, and can cause patients to needlessly have tumors removed. The study outlined recommendations for doctors to follow to help ensure that such procedures are not performed on patients who do not have the disease, Henschke said. The key to keeping survival rates high in lung cancer screening is for patients to receive CT scans regularly, Henschke said.

© 2004 The Miami Herald 11/30/04

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Retail VALUE $71.70 ( Cost Each $8.55 ) You Save $20.45

Vitamins 60s
#116 $11.95
One Bottle


Phase 2 - Head Start ® PROTEIN For Your Hair Tablets 60s
or purchase six at a time and save $23.75 in extra postage
Purchase Six bottles and Get A 28% Discount off retail price
Six Bottles of Protein 60s $51.25
Retail VALUE $71.70 ( Cost Each $8.55 ) You Save $20.45

Protein 60s
#115 $11.95
One Bottle


Phase 3 - Bio-Genesis ® NUTRiTiON For Your Hair Tabs 60s
or purchase six at a time and save $23.75 in extra postage
Purchase Six bottles and Get A 28% Discount off retail price
Six Bottles of Nutrition 60s $51.25
Retail VALUE $71.70 ( Cost Each $8.55 ) You Save $20.45

Nutrition 60s
#114 $11.95
One Bottle


Two Months' ComboPak - Three Phase HEAD STARTer Kit
Head Start
® VITAMINS For Your Hair 60s
Head Start ® PROTEIN For Your Hair 60s
Bio-Genesis ® NUTRiTiON For Your Hair 60s
Retail VALUE $35.85 ( Cost Each $10.75 ) You Save $3.60

180s #123


Four Months' Supply - Three Phase System
Buy Two VITAMINS For Your Hair 60s
plus Two PROTEIN For Your Hair 60s &
Two NUTRiTiON For Your Hair 60s
SAVE 28%
Retail VALUE $71.70 ( Cost Each $8.55 ) You Save $25.20

2x180s #200


Twelve Months' Supply - Three Phase System
Contains Six VITAMINS For Your Hair 60s
plus Six PROTEIN For Your Hair 60s and
Six NUTRiTiON For Your Hair 60s
Retail VALUE $215.10 ( Cost Each $7.18 ) You Save $109.60

6x180s #212


Six Months' Supply - Phases 1 & 2 Basic System
Buy Three VITAMINS For Your Hair 60s
plus Three PROTEIN For Your Hair 60s and
Get A 28% Discount
SAVE $20.45 plus 2x extra postage
Retail VALUE $71.70 ( Cost Each $8.55 ) You Save $29.95

360s #201

HEAD START ® VITAMINS For Your Hair, PROTEIN For Your Hair & NUTRiTiON For Your Hair
baldness curestop hairlosscure alopecia

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